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Charm against Tokoloshe muti

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Protect yourself against the tokoloshe - charms against tokoloshe and muti will help protect you against the tokoloshe. A spell that has been put on you from someone who has power over a  tokoloshe or tikoloshe. This silver African symbol charm is made in South Africa and is a tokoloshe exorcist - made to protect people against the traditional evil spirit called a tokoloshe. The spirit can come in any form - but is usually a small, old man with a beard and a big penis. spells against tokoloshe - charm for protection He can sometimes be a small child, or an animal or even a pretty woman. He comes at night and makes trouble for people. A powerful sangoma - or witch doctor can sometimes use a tokoloshe to put a bad thing on a man or woman. You can see a tokoloshe has visited your house if you have swept he night before. The tokoloshe is supposed to be a small dwarf like creature that is invisible to human beings. Witch doctors sometimes use muti against the tokoloshe. Themethod to get rid of a Tokoloshe is to call in the sangoma or  n’anga or witch doctor who hasenough power to chase him from the house or region. The Witch doctors' tools are a magical substance from the body of a dead Tokoloshe, which makes the Tokoloshe visible and paralyzes him, this  allows the witch doctor to kill him. This ‘muti’ is sold throughout Africa as protection against Tokoloshes and the real muti is said to leave a cold mark on the skin where it is placed. Muti has many bad applications and a powerful, yet evil witch doctor will use body parts of animals and even humans to put spells on people.



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Tokoloshe Exorcist Pendant Small

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