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Spinner Rings

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Swivel rings and spinner rings in Titanium and Precious metals

 Spinner rings are sometimes called worry rings. They are produced in such a manner that a element of the ring revolves independently from the rest of the band. They may be made from precious metals which include gold, silver, platinum and titanium. The most effective spinner bands are those that keep their shape. Commonly a spinner band will stop spinning after a few weeks.

This is caused by the spinner section becoming deformed or bent out of shape. This commonly occurs when the band is made from metal that isn't thick enough. Men's bands in particular suffer from this issue. Men're harder on their jewellery than woman - Men tend to put a ring on and forget about it - then continue to carry out guys stuff with the ring. The wedding ring takes a proper hammering and often bends to oval - thus stopping the spin.
The spinner bands use a mixture of titanium and gold or titanium and silver or titanium and platinum - great combination colour wedding rings which are most unlikely to bend or distort.

spinner ringThe other problem is that if one manufacturers the ring way too heavy it becomes irritating to put on - I have seen bands that had been produced with ballbearings inside - they rotate perfectly but aren't very good to put on.

Spinning ring
s aren't for everybody - quite often a simple titanium wedding ring having a gold or silver inlay is exactly what a guy wants. These rings are incredibly hard wearing and will take just about any mistreatment you throw at it. Titanium and diamonds are one more great combination - especially black diamonds in titanium.

We have made up before is a titanium spinner wedding ring using black expensive diamonds set into the spinner. Ideal for a men's band - remember that usually the man will lay out lots of money for a beautiful engagement ring whilst the woman spends a few hundred on the men's wedding ring - this does not leave her feeling good. So a fantastic option is diamonds mounted in titanium - if your man is more the conservative kind - does not like flash and bling - why not mount a hidden diamond within the inside shank. It will be your hidden secret diamond that just the two of you know about! - SEE MORE SPINNER RINGS and Swivel rings


Titanium Swivel Ring 9mm And 5.5mm Spinner

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Can a titanium wedding ring be cut off my finger?

I say to you retail jewellers who want to push only gold and platinum wedding rings - You are either misinformed, lying or conning your customers

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