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How big is a 0.1ct diamond?

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How big is a diamond - if the carat is?

Remember - carat is a weight - a stone cut to perfect proportions will have similar dimensions to the chart.

Diamond weights into mm sizes - not always accurate! - but close.

.03 carat diamond

.03 carat

2.0mm diameter

.05 carat diamond

.05 carat

2.5mm diameter

.07 carat diamond

.07 carat

2.7mm diameter

1/10 carat diamond

.10 carat

3.0mm diameter

1/6 carat diamond

.15 carat

3.4mm diameter

1/5 carat diamond

.20 carat

3.8mm diameter

1/4 carat diamond

.25 carat

4.1mm diameter

1/3 carat diamond

.33 carat

4.4mm diameter


3/8 carat diamond

.40 carat

4.8mm diameter

1/2 carat diamond

.50 carat

5.2mm diameter

5/8 carat diamond

.65 carat

5.6mm diameter

3/4 carat diamond

.75 carat

5.9mm diameter


7/8 carat diamond

.85 carat

6.2mm diameter

1 carat diamond

1.00 carat

6.5mm diameter

1 1/4 carat diamond

1.25 carats

7.0mm diameter

1 1/2 carat diamond

1.50 carats

7.4mm diameter


1 3/4 carat diamond

1.75 carats

7.8mm diameter

2 carat diamond

2.00 carats

8.2mm diameter

2 1/4 carat diamond

2.25 carats

8.6mm diameter

2 1/2 carat diamond

2.50 carats

9.0mm diameter


   Weight in Carats   
  Diameter in Millimeters    
0.01 ct 1.3 mm
0.03 ct
0.05 ct 2.4 mm
0.10 ct 3.0 mm
0.15ct 3.4mm
0.20 ct 3.8mm
0.25 ct 4.1mm
0.33 ct 4.4mm
0.50 ct 5.1mm
0.75 ct 5.9mm
1.00 ct 6.5mm
1.50 ct 7.4mm
2.00 ct 8.2mm
8.00ct 13.0mm

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