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Tiara in Silver

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Tiara in Sterling silver

A tiara is an old fashioned head dress, sometimes a crown - worn by princess and queens. In modern times it is a wonderful accessory for any woman's formal wardrobe. tiara-silverOften worn as part of a wedding outfit the Tiara adds something special to any bride or to any formal evening wear.

bride and tiara

A well made tiara needs to be made by hand and custom fitted to the head - if it is a badly fitting tiara it will slip and sit crooked. If it is a tiara for a wedding this is not good - it must clasp the skull lightly - but not so lightly that it moves. The bride should be able to move around freely and dance without worrying or adjusting the head piece. Although tiaras are available in gold - they work out very expensive. The gem can be any colour you like and the design can be modified - this tiara was based on a Celtic design for a Celtic wedding theme. For any formal dress or evening wear this tiara is not only for a brides accessory or wedding.. It can be worn by anyone who wants to feel like a princess with a crown.



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I say to you retail jewellers who want to push only gold and platinum wedding rings - You are either misinformed, lying or conning your customers

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