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Silver Pendulums

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Silver Pendulums made in South Africa - crafted from silver and gold these beautiful pendulums are used by Reiki healers and by light workers. Perfect balance and not too heavy that it takes time for the pendulum to respond. Most of the silver pendulums open and close so that a crystal essence can be added inside. If you are not a healer or light worker and just enjoy a really pretty piece of jewellery the these make wonderful pendants - keep a lock of hair inside as a memento. These are proper pendulums and not mystic bells or chime balls. They can be used as a tool to access the subconscious and anyone can use them - you do not have to be a light worker or healer - very easy to use. Some of the symbols used on the pendulums are esoteric symbols.

mystic bell - pendulum


Window Pendulum Large

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Light workers and  reiki healers use a pendulum. Pendulums are for self work and to access the subconscious - these silver pendulums are not mystic bells or mystic balls.


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