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Pentacle - witches symbols and jewelry

Pentacle - witches symbols and jewelry - made in sterling silver in South Africa. The 5 pointed start representing earth, water, fire and air - with the last point (the point at the top) representing spirit.  Wiccan and witches use the pentacle or pentacles and silver pentacles or  pentacle pendants for spells and occult. Here are some witches symbols. Persecuted through the ages - these mostly gentle, earth loving people do not practise black magic - most of them practise white magic focusing their energies and spirt on living in harmony with the earth.



Lower left hand point of the star:

Earth: symbolic of Stability and Physical Endurance.

Lower right hand point of the star:

Fire:  Symbolic of Courage and Daring.  

Upper right hand point of the star:

Water: Symbolic of Emotions and Intuition.  

Upper left hand point of the star

Air: Symbolic of Intelligence and the Arts.  

Topmost point of the star

Spirit: Symbolic of Deity the Divine, and the All that Is.


Ascending order

Pentacle Star Cut Out Pendant Medium In Circle

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Silver pentacles made in south Africa - solid sterling silver and available in many sizes - custom work welcome.  Silver Pendulums are also used by witches and the wiccan or and pagan community. Witches are not necessarily bad - the press has done that and past crusades against these mostly gentle people who believe in the earth and the spirit of earth. Christianity has done it's fair share to persecute this largely harmless segment of society.

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