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African News - Give us the dirt on African Politics, Religions and CorruptionHave an opinion, say what you really feel and lets stop walking around issues. Africa is on the edge of creation, boiling and bubbling – play you part and lets tell it how it actually is! If you know about corruption - here's the place to speak out - no censorship here... been hit by a crooked traffic cop - forced to pay a bribe - tell us the story - send us the photo.

Our witch doctors in Africa serve an important part of life in Africa. Unfortunately some sangomas are deeply into black magic, using body parts from kids and serving the criminal elements. And don't think it is only the African cultures - Christians and Muslims have a lot to answer for in Africa - tell it how it is!

Corruption in Africa is rife - from bribes to traffic cops to tenderpreneurs that rip off the poorest of the poor. What do you know - what can you expose?

A site for Africans to expose the shit that is happening in Africa. Tell us your story - crooked cops, self serving politicians, wicked cultural and religious practises - LET US KNOW!

From incompetent premiers to crooked government officials - out tax is being used to pay for fancy cars and holidays as the criminals are building their power base through illegal wealth creation. If they don't get what they want they simply put a hit on you. This is worse than the days of Al Capone. The mafia could take a page out of our politics. Coupled with the savage mentality of our nation, bribery and corruption is a massive problem. Who loses? The poor - the black brothers who fought for freedom and are now sitting in the townships living on pennies per day while their politicians are living the high life.

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