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Jewellery for Friends

Friendship necklaces and friendship rings

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Friendship jewelry and friendship rings have become a style of jewelry that is very popular. Any type of friendship related adornment is sought after - especially by the younger generation. Friendship necklaces - rings with a chain represent the good qualities you see in your friend. They can be given as a gift, one at a time, or in a set of friendship rings. This type of jewelry comes in the form of friendship pendants, friendship rings and friendship bangles. They come in the classical friendship styles and also in the form of African friendship rings. They represent the following - Devotion, Generosity , Caring, Understanding, Humour, Strength and Tenderness. African wedding rings are another form of friendship - albeit for life!

Rope Friendship Necklace Large Ring With Gem

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Friendship rings and friendship jewelry are available in gold and silver - also known as friendship jewellery. These pieces of friendship symbols have become very popular in South Africa. Each friendship ring represents a quality of the person you give the necklace to. You can give a single friendship ring or a set of seven. - even in the form of African friendship - which is a huge part of African culture - known as Ubuntu - the mindset of sharing and love between people - the sharing of trials and triumph. The sharing of resources and putting hands out to others. All of our jewellery is made in South Africa nd we use goldsmiths to make the jewellery. Friendship and a funny thing - I have friends who I do not see for years and then we spend time together - I think about them often enough, but do not really want to see them everyday. Some people, like my wife, likes to see her friends often, and if she cannot see them se phones them. This would drive me nuts - also having friends just "pop in" - not for me - my mates must call first and give me some notice. I like my privacy, and I really enjoy my own company so having mates around the whole time is a big no no for me. My wife comes from a crazy family - the kitchen is always full of people chatting, cooking and laughing - her besties pop in at any time and she does not mind - I hide and get on with what ever I was busy with. She calls me antisocial - but hey, I need to do what I need to do and standing around drinking beer or tea with my buddies is not on the top of my agenda. In saying that when I do get together with my chinas we have a great time - but then I do not want to see them for a few years. Whatever your relationship with your mates, a wonderful gift is a set of friendship rings - for men or for woman. The chunky version looks great on a thick chain for men - and the gold dainty sets are good for ladies and for kids.


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