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FAQ - Gold and silver Jewellery


Q. What is the precious metal content of your jewellery?

A. Our silver jewellery is alloyed with copper and pure silver (92.5% pure).

Our Gold is alloyed to internationally recognised standards of 9ct gold (37.5% pure), 14ct gold (58.5% pure) and 18ct gold (75% pure).

Q. Do your prices fluctuate with the international precious metal prices?

A. Yes, our prices are sensitive to changes in the gold and silver prices. We are also affected by Rand/Dollar exchange rates. Once an order is accepted at an agreed price we will not change the price of that order.

Q. What are your delivery times?

A. Standard delivery is 3-4 weeks. On large orders delivery times will be discussed before accepting orders.

Q. Do you offer exclusivity on your ranges?

A. This depends where you are located, the size of the orders you give us and the ranges you are interested in. We will not sell the same range to your opposition if your outlets are in the same complex or centre or if you are selling in a small town. If you are wholesaling in a certain area we are open to an exclusivity agreement. Any such agreement would be valid for a certain period based on sales.

Q. Do you have a return policy?

A. All of our jewellery is goes through strict quality control. Should any piece have manufacturing flaws it will be replaced at our cost on receipt of that piece. Otherwise there will be no refunds or returns.

Q. Do you require a deposit when ordering?

A. Yes, a 50% deposit is required before we will begin manufacturing. The balance is payable before we post. The price excludes shipping and insurance. i.e. quoted FOB. Payment is by Swift Transfer.

Q. Do you have any promotional material to assist with the sale of your product?

A. Yes, all of our products are supplied with a pamphlet describing the product and the history behind it. The story is a very important part of the product. This is supplied at no extra cost. We also have a range of boxes for the products which is extra should you require them. Our ranges are best sold on a display boards (similar to a picture frame) with a label under each piece of jewellery. We are happy to make up the boards to fit your particular space requirements. These displays are covered in material specific to the range i.e. dark green for the masks range, rich maroon for the Ancient Wisdom’s range. The labels have a colour graphic and the story of the piece. The cost of these displays depends on the size required. We will supply only the labels if you can make the displays locally at a better price.

Q. Are your products protected by copyright?

A. Yes.


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