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Esoteric Jewellery - dragon jewelry and Yin Yangs

Dragons, Yin Yangs and all manor of Esoteric jewellery and symbols. We love to make symbolic jewellery - making something that has a meaning is just so much more fulfilling than just pretty pieces. The wealth of symbols around the world means we never run out of ideas - and out customers just keep adding to our collection. dargon pendant South AFricaFrom gemstones set into silver in the form of a chakra pendant, or a tree of life pendant - we just cannot keep up ... nad loving every minute of it. While we make the pieces we get a chance to reflect on the eternal wisdom that some of these symbols bring, or in some cases the eternal silliness of human beings and what they believe in. Ours is not to reason why, as some great sage said - just to get on with the job of making up the finest piece of jewelry that we can. We combine all the colours and materials we can, to give the bestt effect - have a look at the Yin Yang and dragons pendant - made in titanium, 9ct yellow gold and 9ct red gold - wow - iyt really turned out well. Expensive ... yes - but we do make a more affordable version in silver and titanium.

Symbols will always offer new and exciting challenges - as do corporate logos - also symbols in their own right. We have made eastern esoteric jewelry - they offer real challenges .... and some fantastic design ideas. Our favorite, though are the African symbols, and being from Africa I suppose that is understandable. This page is about other styles though - ankhs, Buddhas, runes and all manor of esoterica.


Chakra Pendant 7 Gems

Chakra Pendant with 7 Gemstines in silver

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As you can see - we have had fun - but we have too many items to show on this page - use the search ton to see if we have the symbols you like - if not, send us an email and we will make it up for you. It can be in gold, silver and have some titanium - although we are limited in what we can do in titanium. Play with the different colors - red and yellow gold work well - and if you have a good budget it is always nice to use white gold instead of silver, although you will not get the depth that silver offers - we age it so that the low lying areas are black - which gives the silver jeweller a beautiful depth and perspective. We have made wands with crystals - do a search, and loads of Celtic designs. Come on - challenge us and see what a lovely piece we can make for you. If I like the piece, and you want a better price, we make a mould and I carry the costs - you get a piece at a much lower price than if you choose a one off hand made item - choice is yours. With the symbolic jewellery I like to be able to offer it to others - kinda makes sense if we are trying to heal the world - and some of the ancients really knew what life was all about.

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