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Can a titanium wedding ring be cut off my finger?

I have heard from one of my customers that certain jewellers in South Africa (and other places in the world) are saying that titanium rings cannot be removed from a swollen or damaged finger. In specific Browns Jewellers. This is very strange - we supplied Browns Jewellers for years with titanium rings  - and never once in that time was there an issue.

The myth of titanium being so hard that it cannot be removed in case of an emergency is absolute nonsense. I also saw an article on the net saying you need a plasma cutter to remove a titanium ring. This is crazy - a plasma cutter generates very high temperatures and would obliterate your hand first! A simple fret saw will do.

Well people - if you believe this rubbish you have been well brainwashed. Titanium is a metal, like any other metal - very hard - yes - but not indestructible. If the question - "Can any retail jeweller remove a titanium ring?" was asked - then I may agree that the answer is no. Any manufacturing jeweller with a normal fret saw and normal blades will remove a titanium ring with no problem - it may take them a while (especially if it is very wide) but they will get it off.

Any emergency's service will easily remove a ring - for heavens sake - they cut cars apart without a problem.

So - to all those retailers who do not stock titanium rings....and are using a lie to persuade you to buy a platinum or gold ring, I say "you're lying or you are conning your customer".

In the 20 years that I have been making titanium rings - never once has have I heard of a problem with a titanium wedding  ring not been able to be cut off. So rest easy - enjoy you titanium wedding - and any jeweller who tells you different - let me know and I will put them in their place.

If a ring, any ring, gets stuck on your finger - don't panic. If it seems stuck - then the first thing to do is stop trying. Your finger will swell quicker if your are tugging and twisting. Run cold water over your hand - even better, submerge you hand in icy water. Give it a few minutes, keep your hand up if possible. Grab the soap and work it in around the ring - try again, twisting while gently working it over the knuckle. Use plenty of soap. If after several attempts it still will not come off - stop. Leave your hand in the cold water for a while.

You need to asses.

1) The ring is so tight and it is starting to hurt. You finger is swollen. -  You will need to go to an emergency room - or phone your goldsmith.

2) The ring is quite loose but will not go over the knuckle. - You have time - find a goldsmith and he will be able to help.


This information is applicable to to gold wedding ring, platinum wedding rings and palladium wedding rings as well.

You can read more about cutting a titanium ring off at Trilogy Jewellers.


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Can a titanium wedding ring be cut off my finger?

I say to you retail jewellers who want to push only gold and platinum wedding rings - You are either misinformed, lying or conning your customers

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