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Bridesmaids gifts and grooms gifts

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Bridesmaids gifts and grooms gifts

if you are having an African theme wedding what nicer gifts to give to your bridesmaids and grooms than an African gift of African jewelry. Choose a pair of African Cuff links from our select range or a pair of silver earrings for your bridesmaids - choose a gemstone that matches their wedding gown and has an African design - these bridesmaids gifts will be long remembered and your African Wedding will be complete. We also do a wide range of classical gifts - and we can design around your wedding theme. Give us some time though! We have made up Tiaras and all sorts of Celtic gifts for bridesmaids - The Celtic wedding theme is one of the more popular themes.

African grooms giftAfrican bridesmaids gifts

What a great idea when you are having your African ceremony to give an African gift, to your bridesmaids gifts or grooms gifts for the grooms. African weddings and African wedding ceremonies should have African gifts and the bridesmaid and grooms should get African jewelry, Made in silver or gold these African wedding gifts for your brides maid and grooms are custom made in our workshops in South Africa. Many people forget about these items ... and right at the last moment they rush and buy something - often not what they want, or something that does not go with theme of the wedding. Engraved money clips are great for men - they will last a lifetime and make a great memento of the wedding.

Finding the perfect African gift for your bridesmaids or grooms gifts takes a bit of time and thought - so don't leave it till the last moment - you will end up comprimising. If you are having an African wedding theme then cruise the markets in South flea markets - there is plenty out there that will look good at your function. For the African wedding ceremony you may need to consult a wedding planner - they usually have a book full of contacts. - For your African gifts, if you want silver or gold, we can help.The same goes for African jewelry.


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