Nyami Nyami

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Nyami Nyami is getting a whole lot of press. The amount of people searching for Nyami Nyami pendants in silver is increasing. I have tried to figure out why. Perhaps after the world cup soccer in South Africa more people have found out about this extraordinary myth. After Bungee jumping at Vic Falls and . . . → Read More: Nyami Nyami

Rune Jewelry and Oracle Rings

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Great Runic Jewelry and gifts.

The Runes are thought to have originated with the Vikings – who left these symbols at the places they plundered.

They predate Christianity and were used by people who need to write stuff down – recipes, spells, amongst others. Most of the knowledge and history of the rune . . . → Read More: Rune Jewelry and Oracle Rings

Black Diamonds and Titanium Rings

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Since finding out about black diamonds as a young jeweller, I have been fascinated. “Is there really such a thing as a “black diamond”?” I asked my master goldsmith. Yes, he repiled, they use them for making sandpaper and diamond tip tools.”You mean they crush them up?” I asked. I was surprised and a . . . → Read More: Black Diamonds and Titanium Rings

Why is titanium jewellery so expensive?

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I see that titanium rings from China and from some websites are really cheap? Why then are some sites so expensive?

A common question from my customers – Rings from China are really inexpensive – and they are great quality titanium wedding rings.

The reason they are so cheap is the quantities you . . . → Read More: Why is titanium jewellery so expensive?

Free Vuvuzela charms

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African Gold is giving a free Vuvuzela charm away with every purchase over US$150.

Sterling silver vuvuzela charm

You read correctly.

Wane Skews of Africangold says he will give a free sterling silver Vuvuzela charm with every order over R900 or US$120

Like it or not the Vuvuzela has become an icon of . . . → Read More: Free Vuvuzela charms

African Gold Launches New Shopping Sites

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africangold.co.za today launched the first in it series of shopping portals.

“Our web site is great as a catalogue – but does not make the buying process easy” said Wayne Skews of African Gold. “We decided to open a series of online shopping site in niche markets – each with it’s own shopping cart . . . → Read More: African Gold Launches New Shopping Sites

How to buy a diamond – first time buyers.

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how to buy a diamond . . . → Read More: How to buy a diamond – first time buyers.


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AKUA’BA – AKUA’S CHILD – see africa5 jewellery

Ashante (Ashanti) Ghana

Originally these statues are said to have represented the Moon Goddess – NYAME.

According to legend (2) a woman named AKUA became pregnant and had a beautiful daughter by carrying this figure.

Until recently many AKAN women carried the figure to induce fertility . . . → Read More: AKUA’BA – AKUA’S CHILD

Nyami Nyami – River God from Zimbabwe

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history behind the Nyami Nyami snake from Zimbabwe . . . → Read More: Nyami Nyami – River God from Zimbabwe