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African Wedding Rings

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African Wedding rings are made in South Africa in precious metals. The design and styling is taken from African Symbolism and African culture. Although African Wedding bands are not part of "old African culture" they now form a part of the new Africa. Gold African Wedding rings are probably the most popular and then Silver African wedding bands. Wealthy Africans tend to go more for western design wedding bands whilst Americans and Europeans favour African style wedding bands. What is very popular is having ones wedding ceremony in Africa - especially in Cape Town in the shadow of the beautiful Table Mountain. The wine farms in South Africa offer overseas visitors great packages to get married in South Africa. Another favorite is to get married in the wild African bush - at one of the many famous game lodges in South Africa.

Some of the wedding venues in South Africa go all out to accommodate couples wanting to get married in South Africa. It seems to be a growing business in South Africa. Of course many couples want to have an African theme wedding, and they also want African Wedding bands. African wedding rings can be made to your African design or you can choose from our African styling. Whether you want a platinum wedding ring or an African titanium wedding band we can make something to make you African Wedding special.  African Wedding rings - gold African wedding bands and original titanium African wedding rings made in South Africa. If you are having an African wedding these rings will be a wonderful reminder of your South African Wedding.



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Can a titanium wedding ring be cut off my finger?

I say to you retail jewellers who want to push only gold and platinum wedding rings - You are either misinformed, lying or conning your customers

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