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African Style Jewellery

big5charmbraceletAfrican Jewellery and sculpture takes many forms - from the realism of a painting of a lion - or an elephant pendant to the more esoteric like the Nyami Nyami from Zimbabwe. Here at African Gold we use many forms. I like to work with the Ndebele geometric designs and with the ancient San Bushman concepts. The Zulu love letters and bead work is a great source of inspiration!.

We also work with other cultures and tribes from Africa - like Adinkra tribe - they have great designs and meanings with the designs. The African Symbolism is unique and provides great material. African style wedding bands are becoming more and more popular as people realise the depth of ideas and designs in African Culture. Getting married in South Africa is a thing to do. with couples choosing and African theme for their wedding. Choosing African engagement rings and wedding bands is a great idea.

We have many product types - choose which type you want! You can use the menu on the right to browse.

Here are some great items in our African jewelry range. Enjoy. African Mask jewellery is quite unique with only one manufacturer in South Africa. Every mask has a story or history and you will receive this when you order.


Do you want to list your Art - you can do so at African Curios.co.za - this site is for any artist, comedian, song writer or poet.    




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